Hedrin (Thornton and Ross) – New Product Development and Creative Design


Hedrin’s new technology revolutionised the application of head lice treatments making the overall process less traumatic for children and therefore parents.  They wanted to understand the most engaging method of communicating this treatment and which creative route to develop into a TV advert.  They also wanted to run a cosmetic trial of the product to see if the reality meets the product claims.


Working closely with the design agency we conducted mini groups with mums of children who had head lice recently (better than full groups for keeping mums on track, sharing individual experiences and getting through a lot of stimulus).  We explored everything from the appeal of product claims to the most engaging TV advert.  We then gave each of them the product to take home and test and they fed back on our online message boards designed for respondents to easily upload their thoughts, comments, video and audio comments and to  discuss with one another the pros and cons of the product – a continuation of the group.  The proposition statement and creatives were tweaked before testing them in an online survey with 250 of the target market.


We were able to recommend the ideal creative route for the new Hedrin advert with suggestions for improvements and the most important product claims to communicate on pack.  We also identified gaps for future product innovation.  The research was used by the design agency to launch the new TV advert, pack design and we accompanied Thornton and Ross at the International launch event Trade conference.