SHS International – Packaging and Product Testing


SHS International (Nutricia) wanted to ensure they had children’s needs in mind when they designed the new packaging for their dietary supplement for children with PKU. 


There is only 1 in approximately 10-20,000 people with PKU in the world so recruitment was a challenge.  Working closely with dieticians to organise fieldwork we travelled up and down the country conducting 20 in home interviews with 2 to 12 year olds and their parents.  Combining qualitative interviews designed to engage children from an early age with games and techniques with semi structured child friendly questionnaires we obtained both a detailed and accurate picture of the audience.


Children with PKU and indeed any long term illness want to be made to feel and appear like their peers.  We highlighted a real need to make the packaging more child friendly, less clinical looking and identified gaps for different packaging formats which the client took on board into their new packaging brief.
About SHS International - SHS specialises in Advanced Medical Nutrition for patients with needs in neo-natal or childhood cows’ milk allergy, those with lifelong metabolic disorders, paediatric epilepsy, individuals with Crohn’s, liver and kidney diseases.