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Section 1 Money, money, money

Exploring pocket money, Christmas money and Christmas vouchers. Looking at how much money is received understanding how, where and why it is spent or saved. This section also looks at online vs. high street spending.

Section 2 Fashion

Understanding how kids and teens describe their own style and what their influences are when it comes to clothes. We delve deeper to find out which fashion brands and retailers they love. We also highlight the least popular fashion brands and explain what retailers can do to get it right. 

Section 3 Brand Cool

Understanding brand awareness and brand affinity by looking at how kids ranked over 40 brands including Apple, Coca Cola and Disney. We explore exactly what it is that makes a brand cool and look at gender and age differences when it comes to brand-lovability. 

Section 4 Parent power

Understanding parent power vs. kid control. This section explores how much autonomy kids have when it comes to decision making and how much of an influence parents really have. We go straight to the parents in order to understand who rules the roost and then we ask the kids to get the overall picture.

Section 5 Hot topics 

Finally this section tells you exactly what kids are talking about and what gets them excited. From clothes to books to apps and much more we give you the lowdown on what’s hot.  

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