Understanding the gifting market for Ripley’s annuals


    • To understand the current brand perceptions amongst parents and children and to identify the triggers and barriers to engaging in annuals
    • To test awareness and appeal of the books v's competitors and to test the book concepts and positioning around extra content
    • To test awareness of the visitor attraction linked to the book and assess current perceptions of this


Both qualitative and quantitative approaches were used:

Qualitative approach - 

  • 6 in home triads with mums and children
  • 3 adult depth interviews
Quantitative approach -
  • Online survey with 2020 respondents of which 244 were children aged 8-13 years old and their parents


We were able to provide clear recommendations in regards to the audience and the books role in gifting as well as insight into improvements on the content and design to gain wider appeal. Suggestions to be incorporated into marketing strategy to increase awareness of the books and visitor attraction were also provided.

As a result of our research the order and signposting within the annual is currently being re-thought and re-structured.