Assessing the impact of Sky Sports Living for Sport on teen lives


The Sky Sports Living for Sport initiative is run in secondary schools and is designed to encourage young people to be the best they can be through participation in an activity, motivation through the Sky branding, athlete mentors and one to one work with coaches and teachers.  The initiative was designed to change lives and to demonstrate the true impact Platypus were commissioned to evidence behavioural (improved attendance and grades), social (improved teacher, peer and family relations) and attitudinal change (future ambitions and goals).


We recruited and worked closely with 50 participating schools to co-ordinate a series of approaches resulting in 15 school immersion days (qualitative teacher depth interviews, student workshops and observations), 300 online surveys with pupils, 100 online surveys with teachers, 200 parent questionnaires and access to attendance and grade data for participating and control pupils.


Compiling all aspects of the research demonstrated a real impact on student aspirations, attitudes and behaviour across a number of measures which was used to secure further funding moving forward.  However, we were also able to advise on best practise and learning to be rolled out to optimise and sustain the impact of the initiative.