ASDA – Credit Crunch Impact Evaluation, Usage and Attitudes


ASDA commissioned Platypus to be the first to examine the impact of the credit crunch on children and young people’s attitudes and behaviour.


We needed to understand the depth of the impact on a wide age range of children and to produce some powerful statistics that ASDA could use to direct their strategy and for PR purposes.  We organised 16 simultaneous triads with young people and their friends followed by interviews with mum or dad to determine the impact from their perspective.  Gaining both perspectives is vital as parents view on their child’s attitudes is often very different to the reality.  Using the insights from this exploratory stage we designed an interactive and visual survey which was completed by 1000 children and parents. 


The research identified a huge impact on young people’s lives with almost half saying their life had taken a turn for the worst since the downfall.  Paul Kelly, external affairs director for Asda, said: "This is the first time a report has examined what impact the recession is having on our nation's children. What comes through most strongly is the disparity between parents' perceptions of what their children are thinking, and the reality. There is no doubt that the downturn is having a dramatic impact on kids and their behaviour, with pester power on the wane for the first time since the Second World War."